Three candidates running unopposed in Middletown

By Ryan Cornell

Three candidates are running unopposed for three Town Council seats in Middletown on Tuesday, Election Day.

D. Scott Fink
Age: 35
Running for: Town Council
Current position: None
Hometown: Winchester
Has lived in Middletown for: 8 years
Education: Bachelor’s degree in business and associate’s degrees in paralegal studies and criminal justice from Strayer University’s online campus. Currently working on master’s degree in public administration through Strayer University.
Occupation: Legal administrative specialist for the federal government
Other experience: Fink served on Middletown Volunteer Fire and Rescue for four years.

Why he wants to run:

“I’m interested in bettering the community … I was going to Town Council meetings and envisioned myself being up there, for the interests of Middletown and the growth of the town in the future.”

What makes him a good choice:

“My background in criminal justice and my education. And if I’m able to get on a committee, I’m hoping to get on public safety, because that’s where my background is.”

Jeffrey H. “Jeff” Pennington
Age: 53
Running for: Town Council
Current position: Councilman and chairman of the council’s ordinance committee
Hometown: Chantilly
Has lived in Middletown for: 20 years
Education: Associate’s degrees in education and human services from Lord Fairfax Community College, and a bachelor’s degree in history from James Madison University.
Occupation: Government contractor
Other experience: Pennington has been a Civil War reenactor for the past 30 years. Recently, he’s started serving as a Revolutionary War reenactor.

Why he wants to run:

“I think people need to serve their community and serve their neighbors.”

What makes him a good choice:

“As a project leader and project manager-type person, I have some analytical skills and an ability to make decisions that take into account the full range of impact, the broad picture.”

Tom M. Simon
Age: 51
Running for: Town Council
Current position: Councilman and chairman of the council’s public works committee
Hometown: Strasburg
Has lived in Middletown for: 10 years
Education: Graduated from the Naval Nuclear Power School as a nuclear power plant operator for the U.S. Navy
Occupation: Senior Program Manager in the electronics security division of Diebold Inc.
Other experience: Simon served in the U.S. Navy for six years

Why he wants to run:
“In the past two years, I think we have a stabilized and very good council. We’ve turned finances around and gotten some economic development. We can always use more, but I feel like the job isn’t finished. I feel like we’re starting to grow as a town and I want to continue that trend and keep a stable council.”

What makes him a good choice:

“As a program manager, it’s my job to basically identify risk, especially in the types of programs I run, and minimize clients’ risk … Because of my engineering background, I know a bit about public works on the water and sewer side, and the issue facing council is working on water and sewer rates and having a review on where they need to be.”

Editor’s note: Two candidates did not provide photos to the Northern Virginia Daily.