Reenactors pay to relive history

By Ryan Cornell

MIDDLETOWN — Reenacting can be an expensive hobby, and the deeper one gets into it, the pricier it can be.

Stephen Schmidt, a reenactor from New York, said he’s managed to find most of his gear used, and estimated that he’s spent about $1,000 overall, including a jean cloth uniform that could cost between $70 to $100.

He said a common rifle could range from $300 to $500.

“Just my pistols alone, this one here is probably $300,” he said, pointing at the holsters around his waist. “This other one, a minimum of $250.”

Kevin Skaggs, a reenactor out of West Virginia, said he paid about $800 for his gun, which he purchased new.

As a lieutenant colonel, Skaggs was wearing a double breasted jacket as he sat outside his tent. He said the outer jacket cost about $260. Just the shoulder bars alone, used to show his rank, were about $30, he added.

Logan Metesh is part of the mounted cavalry reenactors.

“It’s a very expensive hobby,” he said. “We’ve got two horses, and if you start dealing with the horses, now you got trailers and trucks. So not just reenacting equipment, you have to have stuff to haul everything in, too.”

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