Skyline student’s artistic touch to leave lasting mark

By Josette Keelor

FRONT ROYAL — Some students hope to leave a lasting mark on their high schools, but Corinna Colton has taken a more literal approach to what is usually a symbolic concept.

The 17-year-old recently completed a three-week art project on a wall in the main office at Skyline High School that art teacher Cindy Redmon said has solved a years-long problem at the school.

Before, Redmon explained, the wall greeted visitors with photos of student achievement that were usually out of date and sometimes knocked off the wall.

“It was kind of a mess, and so what we wanted to do was clean it up, make it nice,” Redmon said.

The result is a blue painted representation of the school’s name, “Skyline,” dissolving into simple curves to depict the Blue Ridge Mountains. The “S” resembles a treble clef — a coincidence, said Redmon, who designed the graphic at Principal Andrew Keller’s request.

“We think it’s really a nice, clean graphic,” she said. “It expresses our pride in our school.”

Corinna was her top choice for making the idea a reality, “because not every kid can do it,” said Redmon. “… You know, everybody has their different talents.”

“She’s an excellent graphic artist,” Redmon said.

Corinna agreed that her talent probably gave her an edge over her peers, but she admitted she was surprised to be considered.

Despite being recruited last year to help paint motivational words like “diversity,” “creativity” and “achievement” on walls throughout the school, she said her confidence has its limits.

“I asked her if she really wanted me to,” Corinna remembered. But Redmon could not have been more certain.

“She’s leaving quite a legacy to the school,” Redmon said.

Corinna has taken every art class the school has offered and this year qualified for Redmon’s upperclassman independent study. The student follows a School Board-approved art curriculum she designed and plans to show her mixed media family portraits in an early-2015 show at the Warren County Community Center in the former Samuels Library location at 538 Villa Avenue, and in a school show for Youth Art Month in March.

For the graphic design projects, she said she painted over lines from images of the words projected on the walls. Seven hallways are completed so far, and four more remain.

“It’s fun,” Corinna said, “keeps me entertained.”

But art will likely remain a hobby.

“I want to be an ultrasound technician,” she said.

“I like babies and working with babies,” she explained. Originally planning to be a mid-wife, she said, it would require too much schooling. “I decided that an ultrasound technician is just as good.”

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