Pet of the week: Jade is an energetic, independent dog

Kamryn Dixon, animal caretaker at Esther L. Boyd Animal Shelter in Winchester, sits with Jade, a female pit bull mix, that is available for adoption. Kevin Green/Daily

WINCHESTER – Jade is the kind of dog that is “fine by herself,” according Kamryn Dixon, an animal caretaker with the Esther L. Boyd Animal Shelter in Winchester.

According to Dixon, Jade – a spade female pit-mix – is just as content slobbering over a rawhide chew toy as she is running around in the backyard.

Although the shelter is “still learning about Jade,” Dixon believes that Jade would have no trouble adapting to a new setting.

“I haven’t seen any issues out of Jade … she just kind of sits there in her cage and waits for a treat or a toy or a chance to go back outside,” said Dixon.

Dixon admitted, “She loves to be outside, so maybe a couple or even a single person that likes to get out and walk or jog, … I think she would be great for them.”

Dixon said that it would probably be a good idea for potential owners to have a yard for Jade to run around in and “get some of her energy out.”

“I wouldn’t think they would need acres and acres, it’s not like she is a hound dog,” Dixon explained.

Dixon said that, although Jade would not need to keep “running and running” all day, “she probably would not mind it.”

Even when Dixon walked her out of the shelter, Jade appeared to have near boundless energy when faced witH the prospects of exercise and open space.

Dixon noted that any interested owners should probably also invest in a good amount of chew toys for Jade.

“I wouldn’t do stuffy toys or squeaky toys, because she will demolish [them],” Dixon noted. In addition, Dixon noted that Jade has also ripped apart tug-toys at the shelter.

Instead, Dixon would recommend more durable chew toys for a dog like Jade.

“I try and give rawhide chews, something to kind of distract her in there,” Dixon said.

At the same time, Dixon admitted, “whatever it is, she’ll probably end up destroying it, though.”

Although Animal Control believes that Jade may have had a litter or two already, she was not spotted with any puppies.

“It looked like it had been a while since she had had puppies, but since then, she’s been spade and all that,” Dixon added.

The shelter estimated that Jade couple be somewhere between 1 to 4 years of age. “It’s kind of hard to tell,” admitted Dixon.

“Usually when they are younger, up until a year old, they want to play with everybody,” said Dixon while adding that “Jade’s fine being by herself and out in the yard.”

Dixon did not think that a dog as healthy, happy and seemingly problem-free would be at the shelter as long as the four months Jade has spent.

“I guess the right family just hasn’t come in for her yet,” Dixon said.

Those interested in learning more about the shelter can to go to http://tinyurl.com/ps2zpqa or call the shelter at 540-667-9192.

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