Naughty Girls Donut Shop set to expand

Tiana Ramos, 17, prepares to place a tray of donuts into a display case inside Naughty Girls Bake Shop at Riverton Commons in Front Royal. The business is expanding into Northern Virginia. Rich Cooley/Daily file

FRONT ROYAL — A local doughnut shop is poised for some big expansions.

Naughty Girls Donut Shop in the Riverton Commons will be opening a kiosk in the Tysons Corner Center on Dec. 11. In January, the shop will be supplying the D.C.- area Whole Foods Markets with Naughty Girls brand doughnuts.

Established June 1, Naughty Girls Donuts is owned and operated by Warren County High School senior Tiana Ramos. While Ramos does the baking, her mother Natalie Ramos handles the venture’s marketing and finances.

Natalie Ramos said the mall kiosk is a way for the company to break into the D.C. area market, where a good bit of the store’s customer base is from.

“We have a lot of customers coming from D.C., from Manassas, from Maryland, so we want to bring our product closer to them,” Natalie Ramos said. “We know they like it, so we hope they’ll go to it when we move in.”

The kiosk is a test run for a future café, she said.

“They gave us a great deal … this will be a trial run and if all goes well, Tiana’s next step will be to open up a café,” Natalie Ramos said.

She noted the kiosk will be custom designed and the doughnuts will be produced at the Front Royal location and hauled to the Tysons Corner outlet. If a café is established, the plan is for an employee at the Front Royal store to own the Tysons Corner location, giving the company a percentage of the profit.

“What we want to do with the people working in this shop is make them all business owners as we try to expand across the country,” Natalie Ramos said. “We teach what they need to know and we hope to leave them with their own business.”

With the Whole Foods deal, she said the shop might have to bake as many as 2,000 doughnuts a day to fill orders. The Front Royal location, she noted, would be a “home base” for any deals or expansions.

“This will be the location where we bake doughnuts and send them out to other locations, as well as our wholesale baking,” she said. “We need to make sure our home base store is strong so the rest of our ventures will be strong.”

Earlier this year, Naughty Girl Donuts received attention for a series of conflicts with some local residents who thought the name was promoting promiscuity and immorality. Natalie Ramos said she “would be lying” if she did not credit the controversy with providing publicity for the shop.

“When that story broke, reporters from D.C. came up to cover it,” Ramos said. “They tried our doughnuts and many of them went back to their offices with a couple dozen. I think our product stands on its own, but those stories definitely increased interest from that region.”

Also in the works are a book deal and a possible television deal. Tiana Ramos said she is currently working with Folio Literary Management to develop a cookbook.

“It’s going to be about everything on my menu, just expanded out a little,” Tiana Ramos said. “There’s going to be recipes about doughnuts, of course, and other dishes, like doughnut sundaes and doughnut batter-fried chicken.”

WHAG, the NBC affiliate in Hagerstown, Maryland, is currently developing a reality show centered on Tiana Ramos and her shop. If the series goes to production, it will be sold to television networks such as TLC or the Discovery Channel.

While nothing is set in stone, Tiana Ramos said she is definitely looking forward to the show if it comes to fruition.

“In school, I was always the girl nobody talked to, because of how I dressed and my tattoos,” she said. “It’s kind of cool to be the center of attention, because it’s something I never really experienced.”

So what’s her endgame?

“I want to make this a national brand, with stores all over the country,” Tiana Ramos said.

Naughty Girls Donut Shop is located at 70 Riverton Commons Dr. in Front Royal. The shop is open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

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