Town to close parts of riverwalk

Strasburg plans to close parts of the riverwalk trail for several months to make utility improvements.

The Department of Public Works expects to begin the work this month and complete the project by April. The department will install signs at both ends of the trail notifying users of the closure for the construction. The department will keep the eastern and western ends of the trail open to the public.

The town must install a 6-inch force main from the water treatment plant to the wastewater treatment plant along the river walk trail, according to information from Director of Public Works Jay McKinley. Strasburg also needs to install a 30-inch effluent discharge line from the wastewater treatment plant across the trail to the river.

The 6-inch main will carry processed sludge from the water plant to the wastewater treatment plant, making the disposal system more efficient. The effluent discharge line will allow for an increased hydraulic capacity needed by the expansion.