Two juveniles charged with making bomb threat

Authorities have obtained juvenile petitions against three Central High School students in Woodstock as a result of an investigation Monday night into a report of bomb threat.

Sheriff Timothy C. Carter said two of the teen-agers, both boys, have each been charged with making a bomb threat. One of the boys is a 14-year-old Mauertown resident, and the other is a 15 year old from Toms Brook.

Carter said members of the Sheriff’s Office, the Virginia State Police, Woodstock police and school officials searched Central High School Monday night for evidence of a bomb in the building. Nothing was found and school opened normally Tuesday.

“There was nothing that led us to believe there was any means to carry out this threat,” Carter said.

A third juvenile, a 15-year-old boy from Woodstock, has been charged with distribution of a schedule II drug, Carter said. The other two defendants have also been charged with drug offenses. The drug cases stem from evidence uncovered by law enforcement officials as they investigated the bomb threat, Carter said.