Protective order issued against chief of police

MOUNT JACKSON — Town Police Chief J.D. Fadley was relieved of his duties with pay over the weekend after a woman obtained a protective order against him.

The order, issued at the request of Amy Atkison, 33, a former member of the Strasburg Police Department, prohibited Fadley, 42, from having any contact with her “in order to protect the safety of the alleged victim or the alleged victim’s family or household members.”

The order was issued at 7:08 p.m. Friday by Magistrate Judge Steven Shareff in Shenandoah County General District Court and expired at 11:59 p.m. Monday.

Town Manager Kevin Fauber said Fadley was back at work Tuesday after the protective order expired. Fauber said he, Mayor Bucky Miller and Donnie Pifer, chairman of the Town Council Personnel Committee, met with Fadley on Friday after deputies from the Sheriff’s Office served the protective order on the chief.

Fauber said the civilian officials reprimanded Fadley. Fauber said he took possession of Fadley’s service firearm while the protective order was in effect.

“As long as there is not another protective order served then, as far we’re concerned, this issue has come and passed,” Fauber said, “but he’s aware if another protective order is issued, we’ll take additional action.”

Fadley could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon. An officer at the department said he was out at an accident scene. Fauber said he would relay a reporter’s request for comment to Fadley. A phone call to Fadley was not returned.

The complaint filed by Atkison describes a series of unwanted encounters with Fadley beginning Dec. 23 and concluding Friday. Most of the alleged incidents were at her home, but at one point, the complaint states, Fadley traveled to Pennsylvania where he left a package and letter for Atkison at the home of Atkison’s mother.

Atkison wrote that “Fadley entered my residence” on Dec. 23. She described him as “hysterical” and “pleading for me to give him a second chance at a relationship.”

Atkison stated an argument lasting for hours ensued with Fadley grabbing her arms “numerous times” and “leaving bruises” on them.

“He had waved his duty weapon around . . . saying . . . that he may as well kill himself,” Atkison wrote. “I could see the red laser light on his duty weapon. He wouldn’t leave the house until I told him I was going to my mother’s for Christmas (in Pennsylvania).”

Atkison said she returned from Pennsylvania on Dec. 29. Two days later, she wrote, Fadley “walked back into my home again pleading for another chance for a relationship.”

The two argued for several more hours with Atkison “yelling for him to leave my home,” the complaint states.

At one point, Fadley grabbed Atkison and said, “How about I just rape you,” the complaint states. The complaint adds that he also bit her on the neck.

“I had teeth marks on my neck where he bit me, and I did smack him as a response to his action,” Atkison wrote.

Atkison said Fadley left after she told him she was going to return to Pennsylvania to get away from him.

Atkison never followed through on the second Pennsylvania trip. But the next day, Jan. 1, Fadley called Atkison’s sister in Pennsylvania and told her he was coming to Pennsylvania to speak to Atkison, the complaint states.

“My sister told him not to come to Pennsylvania, and he was making things worse,” Atkison wrote.

On Jan. 2, Fadley arrived at the house of Atkison’s mother “unannounced and uninvited,” the complaint states. The complaint adds that Fadley departed after leaving a package and letter for Atkison.

Atkison wrote that Fadley’s behavior continued to frighten her.

“I am afraid to go home,” Atkison wrote. “He left ‘Amy, I love you,’ signs on the doors of my house dated Dec. 31.”

Atkison wrote that she went to her house by herself for the first time on Friday.

The complaint states: “I was at my house and not out of my car and (Fadley) pulled in my driveway in his working vehicle, saying, ‘I just want to talk. I won’t touch you. I promise.'”

Atkison said Fadley left after she told him to leave. She also told him she had contacted a state trooper on her phone.

Atkison, a former inspector with the Strasburg police, was one of three members of the department to leave the agency in late November and early December. Chief Tim Sutherly has refused to discuss the reasons for her resignation and the departures of the other two department members.

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