Shenandoah GOP sets nominating process

The Shenandoah County Republican Committee has changed the way it will select delegates who pick candidates to run in this year’s election.

The committee met Thursday and decided to allow people who want to participate as delegates in the party chapter’s convention to file in advance of the nominating event. The committee has scheduled the convention for May 8. Candidates seeking to serve as delegates in the convention have until April 10 to file.

In prior years, the committee held mass meetings to select the delegates in each precinct, Vice Chairman Craig Orndorff said Monday. The committee found that many people who wanted to participate could not always attend the mass meetings or that the rules for selecting delegates for these events varied among precincts. One year the committee held mass meetings on Maundy Thursday, causing a scheduling conflict for some people who wanted to participate.

“Consistency was the biggest issue — consistency, availability and access to participation,” Orndorff said.

Each precinct has a certain number of delegates who can participate in the nominating process. The committee will still hold a mass meeting on April 23 for any precinct in which the number of people filing to serve as delegates exceeds its allowance, Orndorff said. Voters at the mass meeting will determine who out of the people who filed will become delegates for their precinct.

Orndorff said he could not recall a time when the number of people who sought delegate spots exceeded the limit.

“In function, the system is the same because once the delegates get up there the votes, once again, are going to be weighted,” Orndorff said. “The only difference is now those delegates don’t have to show up at those mass meetings and that’s a pretty big change for us.

“But a lot of it you know comes from the fact that there’ve been some questions with how delegates are selected at those mass meetings because basically you have 12 different sets of rules in terms of who ends up becoming a delegate,” Orndorff added. “In some places they really just submit the same list from the year before. Other places you have to be physically present.”

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