Strasburg plant adding another 180 jobs

The auto industry is back in high gear, and that means more jobs in Strasburg.

The International Automotive Components plant on Queen Street has hired about 120 new employees since 2012, said company spokesman David Ladd, and plans to add about 180 more jobs through 2016.

The Strasburg IAC plant is one of 80 around the world that produces “essentially everything in the vehicle interior except the seats,” Ladd said, “for all the major carmakers in the world.”

He said the Strasburg plant produces interior components considered “hard trim,” such as door and instrument panel components, center consoles and gear shifters. These components are made for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Volvo cars and commercial trucks.

“Those are like our core customers in Strasburg,” Ladd said.

He said the company has also invested about $5 million in installing and upgrading its manufacturing machinery between 2013 and 2016.

As the market has improved and carmakers have increased production, so have the company’s plants, including Strasburg’s.

“The auto industry as a whole is usually one of the macro indicators [of the economy], and clearly the North American auto industry is doing very well,” Ladd said. “In fact, it’s doing better than pre-recession performance. Go back to 2006 and 2007 where it was at a peak, and we’re doing better than that.

“That’s certainly a good indication that the economy is getting better.”

Most of the new jobs will be hourly positions in manufacturing, though there will also be some technical and salaried positions, he said.

He said people should watch for job postings and can contact the plant at 540-465-3741.

International Automotive Components is headquartered in Luxembourg. The company’s regional North America headquarters are located near Detroit.

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