Strasburg police trying to identify and find exhibitionist

STRASBURG – Police are searching for a man who exposed himself to two female cashiers at two convenience stores during the last 10 days.

Chief Tim Sutherly said the man is hard to identify from videotape footage obtained from store cameras. The suspect in both incidents had clothing in his mouth, long brown hair and a camouflage baseball cap that concealed his face.

“He had some balled up clothing, and he was biting it, and it was blocking his face,” Sutherly said of the suspect.

Sutherly said the man may have been wearing a wig. The cashiers are the only known witnesses.

“If anyone did notice anything, we would appreciate a call,” Sutherly said.

The first incident was on Jan. 18 and the second on Monday, both in the early morning hours.

Sutherly said both cashiers reported the incidents immediately after the man left the stores.

Sutherly said the clothing in the suspect’s mouth prevented him from saying anything during the incidents, both of which took less than a minute.

“He didn’t just flash and run,” Sutherly said. “He stood there for a while.”

Police urge anyone with information to call the Strasburg police at 465-5230 and ask to speak to an investigator.

Police said those traveling in the early morning hours should be cautious, vigilant and report anyone acting suspiciously.

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