Study gets the go-ahead by both towns

MIDDLETOWN — Town Council on Monday approved working with Stephens City on a feasibility study analyzing how the two towns could share water and sewer capabilities.

The partnership would allow Middletown to get its water from Stephens City and for Stephens City to get its sewage treated by Middletown.

Tom Simon, chairman of Middletown’s public works committee, said the plan would be to connect a water and a sewer line between the two towns, though until further research, “it’s just an idea.”

“Basically, our vote tonight was to let Stephens City know that the entire council is interested in working with them on this feasibility study,” he said after Monday’s council meeting.

“And I’d like to see the two towns work on other things,” he added. “If it saves the taxpayers money, the taxpayers of Middletown and the taxpayers of Stephens City, and it’s the right thing for both towns to do, I would like to see it happen.”

He said the two towns could work together on other services to cut down costs, such as maintenance or garbage collection.

Located in southern Frederick County, the towns of Middletown and Stephens City are about five miles apart.

Stephens City Town Council approved its end of the partnership at its meeting last week.

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