Pet of the Week: Tutu turns eyes on new home

Michael Kerns, feline team leader at the Humane Society of Warren County in Front Royal, holds Tutu, an 11-month-old black short hair cat available for adoption. Josette Keelor/Daily

FRONT ROYAL — Tutu’s big green eyes shine with curiosity for anything that attracts her attention.

Released from her cage at the Humane Society of Warren County on a recent afternoon, she jumped to the floor and darted down the hall, where feline team leader Michael Kerns chased after her.

At almost 8 pounds, Tutu, a 10- to 11-month-old black short hair cat is about as big as she’ll get, Kerns said.

She’s in good health and loves to play with cat toys, people and other animals. Kerns said she gets along with pretty much everyone and will be a good fit for any home.

An owner release, she came to the shelter on Sept. 15, 2014, with another cat that has already found its forever home. Now one of 65 to 70 cats, Tutu waits for hers.

“We have had some cats on occasion that have been here for quite awhile,” Kerns said. “There’s not much rhyme or reason to it, I mean some cats are here a very brief time, [or] sometimes they just sit here awhile.”

Black cats like Tutu tend to have trouble finding homes, he said, but not because of the superstition of black cats being unlucky.

“I think it’s more they’re just common,” he said. “They don’t really stand out that much.”

“But she’s a pretty good cat,” he said. At her previous home, she was an indoor/outdoor cat.

Current on her immunizations, Tutu will be spayed soon, thanks to a community sponsor who volunteered to pay for the procedure.

“That makes them more adoptable,” he said.

Tutu can be adopted for $15.

The Humane Society of Warren County is located at 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal. For more information, call at 540-635-4734 or visit http://www.humanesocietywarrencounty.org.

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