Williamson retiring as Frederick County sheriff

Robert T. Williamson

Frederick County Sheriff Robert Williamson announced his impending retirement Friday, ending a stint in office that spanned 24 years.

Williamson, 62, said his retirement will be effective Dec. 31.

Williamson delivered the news a day after Terry Bohan, a retired supervisory agent with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for sheriff. Scott Madigan,  deputy in the Sheriff’s Office, announced in January that he is running as an independent.

Williamson, who made the announcement at a Board of Supervisors Human Resources Committee meeting, said he decided to retire well before Bohan’s emergence.

“I have not publicly stated it, but I haven’t been quiet about it, either,” Williamson said of his intention to retire.

Williamson said he wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren and pursue other interests.

“There’s a time in everybody’s life when we have to move on,” Williamson said, adding, “I am not getting any younger, and there are other things I would like do with my life.”

Williamson, 62, entered law enforcement in 1974 as a jailer in Frederick County. He won all six elections for sheriff, the first three as a Democrat and the last three as a Republican.

“I have employees who weren’t born when I was first elected,” Williamson said. “They haven’t known any other sheriff but me.”

Williamson said he doesn’t plan to make any endorsements in the race to succeed him.

“I just have one vote,” he said.

Andrew Robbins, assistant commonwealth’s attorney, said Williamson “will leave some very large shoes to fill.”

“His first priority has been the quality of his officers and the quality of the work they produce,” Robbins said. “He has always been rigid about fairness and honesty. I know that sounds like a bumper sticker, but I have worked with a lot of law enforcement officials, and it’s really been quite remarkable to work with him.”

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