New Market picks new chief

Chris Rinker

The town of New Market officially appointed Sgt. Chris Rinker as its new chief of police Monday night.

The town council approved Rinker’s appointment as acting Chief of Police with a unanimous 5-0 vote. Rinker will begin duties of acting chief starting Wednesday, before officially taking over the position starting July 1.

“I guess I need to take it all in first. I mean, I’m excited,” said Rinker, who has served in the New Market Police Department for almost 16 years.

Rinker added, “It’s been a goal of mine to be the police chief for the town of New Market.”

Rinker will take over from the town’s current chief, Charles Peery. Peery has served as chief since 2007, and gave the town his notice of retirement last fall.

According to Peery, this appointment was actually something he had been prepping for a couple years leading up to Monday night.

“I’ve worked with Chris [Rinker] for 15 years, the last two or three I purposefully sent him to schools to give him the training that he needs,” Peery said, noting that grooming Rinker for the position was his goal.

Peery added, “He didn’t really understand that sometimes, but I had a motive.”

According to Peery, he saw Rinker’s “maturity, his desire to do the job and his dedication to” the job when considering him for the position. “Those are hard characteristics to find nowadays.”

Of Rinker’s appointment, New Market mayor Douglas Bradley, said, “First of all, I think it’s healthy for the department and I think it’s healthy for the community.”

According to Bradley, Rinker is highly regarded amongst the residents of New Market. “He’s very well-known and very well-respected … that was what we based it on.”

Bradley also noted that the town did not look at any other candidates for the position.

“I’m sure he’s the best candidate that we could have interviewed, I know that,” Bradley said, adding, “Everyone was on board, I don’t think there’s any disappointing areas in it at all.”

In his newly appointed role, Rinker simply stated that he wants to “be a good leader.”

“[Chief Peery] is a great leader,” Rinker said, adding, “I can’t describe everything that he’s taught me and he’s been a great leader.”

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