Girl testifies against accused molester

WOODSTOCK — A 10-year-old girl spent almost 90 minutes Friday giving emotionally wrenching testimony against John Wesley Davison, the man accused of molesting her an undetermined number of times.

The girl’s testimony came during a bench trial in which Davison, 28, of Strasburg, is facing three counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of taking indecent liberties with a child.

Davison’s alleged victim spent the majority of her time on the witness stand describing the last incident on March 9, 2014, the night her mother called the police on the defendant. The girl accused Davison of sexually touching her in a bedroom he shared with the girl’s mother. The woman was not home at the time.

A decision in the case is still weeks away. Circuit Judge Dennis L. Hupp approved a delay in completing the trial after some of the girl’s testimony led prosecutors to change parts of the indictments against Davison. The basic offenses remained intact, but defense attorney Bradley Pollack said he needed time to adjust his presentation after Hupp approved the prosecution’s changes to the indictments.

The trial is scheduled to resume at 9 a.m. May 8 when Pollack will present his client’s side of the case.

The girl, wearing a black headband to hold back her hair, entered the courtroom clutching a baby seal plush toy that she held to her face at one point during her testimony.

Under questioning by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Louis Campola, the girl testified that Davison’s actions “made me feel uncomfortable, and I just didn’t know the meaning for him to do this.”

The girl broke into tears and wiped her eyes with tissue paper as she struggled to describe the exact place on her body where Davison touched her.

“Do I have to say that?” she asked.

Moments later, Hupp called a recess, and the girl walked across the courtroom and received a hug from her mother. They entered a room where the girl took about five minutes to regain her composure before returning to the witness stand.

The girl’s mother testified afterward that she had returned home later in the night to find her daughter in the same bed with Davison. The woman testified that she took her daughter to another room to ask what had happened in the bedroom.

The girl’s mother said her daughter replied that Davison had been touching her in “private areas.”

The girl’s mother described an explosive scene when she returned to the bedroom to confront Davison.

“I screamed for him to get his clothes on and get out of my house,” the woman said. “The only thing he said to me the whole time is ‘seriously, are you going to call the cops?'”

The woman described her relationship with Davison as “off and on” since they first met each other at work and started dating in 2009 or 2010.

The woman said her daughter had mentioned once before that Davison had hurt her while touching her in a sexual manner, but Davison dismissed the contact as something done inadvertently while he was lifting her up.

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