Kevin Jonas named festival grand marshal

Kevin Jonas

The grand marshal for the 88th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival might have a familiar ring to it for millennials: Kevin Jonas.

Jonas was a singer and guitarist in the popular band the Jonas Brothers for a number of years, before the band broke up in October 2013.

Festival Executive Director John Rosenberger said the celebrity committee hopes that Jonas will bring “excitement” to the festival.

“He’s young and his fans are young … we already know how excited they are going to be.”

Jonas was announced as grand marshal on Tuesday morning at White House Foods in Winchester, which is sponsoring his appearance.

“We try to cover everybody, and that’s not easy,” Rosenberger said, “When you try to be everything to everybody, sometimes it doesn’t always work.”

Rosenberger added that the selection of Jonas is “sort of a gift to our young fans, all those people that are going to be running the Apple Blossom Festival in 40 or 50 years.”

In addition, Rosenberger mentioned that they had “been interested in getting a Disney Channel star,” and especially Kevin Jonas, “for some time.”

“Usually they are tough to get, they are very busy and [Kevin] Jonas was available this year and we jumped at the chance,” Rosenberger said.

However, Rosenberger noted that festival attendees should not expect Jonas to be singing or participate in a public meet-and-greet during the festival.

“They’re really going to have to come and attend the Grand Feature Parade on Saturday afternoon,” Rosenberger noted. “That’s really the only time that the public will be able to come face-to-face with him.”

Rosenberger also said that he does not expect the band to get back together for this year’s festival. “If that happened, we certainly wouldn’t turn them down.”

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