Sayre wins GOP nod for board run

Thomas H. Sayre

The Warren County Republican Committee will nominate Thomas Sayre to run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors in November.

Sayre received 223 votes in a canvass held by the committee on Thursday. Ralph Rinaldi received 198 votes, committee Chairman Stephen Kurtz said Thursday, citing unofficial numbers. The committee has until June 9 to certify the votes.

Both men were seeking the party’s nomination to run for the Shenandoah District seat held by Richard Traczyk. Traczyk does not plan to seek re-election. Sayre, a former member of the Front Royal Town Council, will appear on the ballot in the Nov. 3 general election as the party’s candidate.

“It feels great,” Sayre said Thursday night on winning the party’s nomination.

“I went out, door to door, throughout the entire district,” Sayre said. “I really enjoyed meeting the fine people of the Shenandoah District in their homes and at their doors. It was a joy meeting them and I learned a lot about Shenandoah Farms, Blue Mountain, Howellsville Road, Rockland, the Bowling Green area.”

Ralph Rinaldi

Rinaldi, who serves on the Planning Commission, reacted to the outcome and wished Sayre good luck.

“As far as the vote is concerned, I think Mr. Sayre ran a very good campaign,” Rinaldi said. “His campaign was very well managed.

“A count with that close a vote, I’m real happy with the people on my campaign, too,” Rinaldi added.

Asked if he’s considering a run for the board seat as an independent candidate, Rinaldi said he would first need to talk to his campaign supporters about that option.

“This has been my first experience in a campaign, so it kind of wore me out a little bit,” Rinaldi said.

Kurtz said that 12 provisional ballots were cast in the nominating event. However, those ballots will not be counted because the difference in the number of votes between the candidates exceeds the number of provisional ballots.

The committee held polling places in the Warren County Government Center and at the Linden Volunteer Fire Department. Kurtz said 286 of the ballots were cast at the government center in Front Royal and 137 in Linden.

Sayre said he won by 24 votes at the government center and by one vote in Linden.

By acclimation, the following candidates will be nominated by the committee to run for the party:

• Daniel Murray Jr. for North River District on the Board of Supervisors;

• Daniel T. McEathron for sheriff;

• Daryl N. Funk, member of Front Royal Town Council, for clerk of the circuit court;

• Brian Madden for commonwealth’s attorney.

The committee might nominate François Flippen as the party candidate to run for the commissioner of revenue. The party has not yet nominated anyone to run for treasurer or the South River District seat on the Board of Supervisors.

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