Pet of the Week: Berryville brothers play at staying together

Jenny Wright, shelter manager at the Clarke County Animal Shelter in Berryville, sits with Bear, left, and Boomer, 6 1/2-year-old terrier-black Lab mixes. Surrendered by their owner last month, the dogs are litter mates and best buddies who should not be separated. Josette Keelor/Daily

BERRYVILLE — Brothers Boomer and Bear love the summer, because warm weather means pool time.

In a kiddie pool behind the Clarke County Animal Shelter at 225 Ramsburg Lane, Berryville, Boomer enjoys wading into the water, but Manager Jenny Wright said Bear is the real swimmer.

His favorite stroke is the lie-on-his-side doggie paddle.

“When Bear gets done swimming and he’s tired, he’ll come over and he’ll lay his chin on Boomer’s back,” she said. “… And his brother lets him do it.”

The 6 ½-year-old terrier-black Lab mixes are the best of friends and have lived in the same home all their lives. But now, finding themselves in need of a new home, they’re in danger of being separated.

“They were given up because their owner said that they just couldn’t take care of them anymore,” Wright said.

Despite being brothers, Boomer and Bear are far from being twins.

Bear has the shaggy-haired traits of a terrier, while Boomer is black with a long Labrador snout.

Considering their love of water, Wright suspects Bear might have some Norwegian elkhound or Norwegian buhund in him.

“There could be different dads per litter,” Wright said. “There could be multiple dads per litter.”

Bear and Boomer are neutered, dewormed and have all their immunizations. They’re house trained, walk well on leashes and know how to sit — when they want to. They do everything together, from playing with their dog toys to sleeping in the same dog bed.

In their previous home, they lived with cats, but so far keep to themselves among the shelter’s other seven dogs and 26 cats.

“They love each other, but they don’t share their lives with other dogs,” Wright said.

“So far, everybody has fallen in love with one or the other, and they want to separate them, and I just can’t let that happen.”

Bear and Boomer are available for a $25 adoption fee each. For more information, call 540-955-5104 or visit http://preview.tinyurl.com/n93h5lc.

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