Retired FAA worker seeks school board seat

Shawn McClosky

A retired federal government worker plans to run for the Warren County School Board.

Shawn McClosky will seek the South River District seat in the Nov. 3 election. Vice Chairwoman Joanne F. Cherefko does not plan to run for another term.

McClosky serves as treasurer on the Warren County Public Schools special education advisory committee. He and his wife Judith are raising their 15-year-old grandson, a student in the system.

“Through my involvement in the advisory committee, I got more and more familiar with the operation of our schools and I think there are things we don’t pay as much attention to as we should,” McClosky said. “I’ve seen a number of things that have been brought to light.”

The county has not expanded its Blue Ridge Technical Center since it opened in the 1980s despite the growth in student population, McClosky said.

“I know that they have to pick and choose the kids that they put in there because they don’t have enough physical room to accept all the kids who want to get into the vocation and the trades,” McClosky said. “I’m obviously one who believes that … a four-year college degree is not the only path to success in this world and I think the kids who do not choose to go to college could be served a little bit better in our school system.”

McClosky and his wife moved from Maryland to Warren County about 12 years ago. McClosky retired about 3½ years ago from the Federal Aviation Administration, having worked for the agency for 23 years. McClosky served seven years active duty in the U.S. Air Force and then finished his military career with the Air National Guard, from which he retired.

The McCloskys have four grown children.

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