Bandit is a laid-back lap cat

Bandit, a 6-year-old black and white cat, is held by Brittany Fewell, a kennel attendant at Clarke County Animal Shelter in Berryville. Josette Keelor/Daily

BERRYVILLE — Bandit, a 6-year-old black-and-white cat, is looking for a new home.

Quick to purr, he has a laid-back personality, which is saying something. At the Clarke County Animal Shelter, where he’s housed in a room with 13 kittens and another male cat, he puts up with a lot, said kennel attendant Brittany Fewell.

Normally, she wouldn’t expect an older male cat to get along so well with a roomful of playful kittens, but Fewell said Bandit is a sweet, loving boy who’s content to let the little ones climb all over him.

“He’s awesome,” she said.

But although the other cats love him, Fewell said Bandit didn’t make as good an impression on his former family.

“He was actually surrendered to us because they said he was peeing in the house and he doesn’t use his litter box,” Fewell said. “But he doesn’t have a problem here.”

Medically, Bandit is fine, and Fewell said the cat doesn’t show any signs of a urinary tract infection.

Bandit is neutered and, except for a rabies vaccine, is current on all his shots. He has been dewormed and, along with the shelter’s other cats, will have another deworming session shortly. He has lived at the shelter since March.

Though not sure how he might react to dogs, Fewell said Bandit should do well in a new home with children or adults who would enjoy petting him.

As a lap cat, Fewell said, “He would be it.”

For more information on Bandit, call the Clarke County Animal Shelter, at 225 Ramsburg Lane, Berryville, 540-955-5104.

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