Pet of the Week: O’Henry seeking retirement home

O'Henry is a 14-year-old domestic short hair cat. Kevin Green/Daily

Unlike many of the cats that briefly call the Shenandoah Animal Shelter in Edinburg home, O’Henry has apparently seen quite a bit of mileage.

A 14-year-old male domestic shorthair, O’Henry arrived at the shelter in January from the care of a nearby county family.

Shelter caretaker Renee Good explained that O’Henry was found in the family’s barn and that they had been feeding and taking care of him until the winter months.

“They were worried [about] his well-being as far as the winter, so they brought him here,” Good added. Five months later, Good said that O’Henry is the shelter’s “longest-staying resident.”

Good explained that O’Henry is a “very quiet, complacent cat” that is “not messy” and is simply “looking for a retirement home.”

In a typical day at the shelter, Good said that O’Henry is a napper and he will spend upward of about 80 percent of his day asleep.

“Give him a nice place to lay, some bowl of food, water and a litter box, and he’s good to go,” Good said.

According to Good, the shelter does receive older cats from time-to-time.

“It’s harder this time of year, to get older cats adopted, because everybody comes in and they want the kittens,” Good said. “Nobody’s going to look at cat that’s 7-years-old and up.”

To her recollection, Good noted that the shortest amount of time she has seen an old cat stay at the shelter was a blind declawed cat that was adopted within about two weeks several years ago.

“You’re truly saving a life with an adult, because everybody passes them by,” Good said.

With O’Henry, Good said she does not think that he will be a very active cat for any owner.

In fact, she added that elderly couples or people looking for a “lap-cat” would be perfect matches for O’Henry. “He doesn’t need a lot of space, he’d be good for an apartment,” she added.

“If you’re looking for a cat that’s not going to be under your feet and having a midnight kitty crazies, playing all night long while you’re trying to sleep, this is your guy,” Good said.

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