Strasburg resident seeks rezoning

Strasburg officials are in the early stages of beginning a process to consider the rezoning of 12 acres of land located near Route 55 and Capon Street.

The land is owned by town resident Paul Rush. He wants to rezone it from agriculture and rural residential to medium density residential, according to Wyatt Pearson, the town’s planning and zoning administrator.

In an email, Rush stated that properties zoned for medium density residential can be used for townhouses or duplexes.

Pearson said, “The properties in question total 12 acres, nine of that would be developable because there’s an existing power line running through it. You can’t put houses underneath of that.”

On Tuesday, the Strasburg Planning Commission held an informal meeting for nearby landowners and residents to discuss the possible rezoning.

Pearson said the town is waiting for an official application from Rush before it can move forward with the process of public hearings.

According to Pearson, Rush had originally requested a rezoning with several other landowners in 2006.

“Mr. Rush’s application is not active, but we have decided to honor the fee that he paid originally for the application,” Pearson said.

Pearson explained that in 2006, the commission told Rush to “hold off” on the application since they were updating the town’s community plan.

In January, Rush approached the commission regarding the rezoning. Pearson said that there was an initial meeting held to get landowners’ opinions at that time.

“When he came back in January … only two people showed up to the meeting,” Pearson said. “They were kind of against it. I don’t think they particularly knew exactly what was occurring.”

Pearson added, “The planning commission wanted to hear from more of the public before we had Mr. Rush file a new application.”

Pearson said Tuesday’s meeting was “a good, productive conversation” with close to 10 town residents attending, including Rush and his family.

Rush noted that he was pleased with the meeting and that there is progress now being made on the rezoning.

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