Wiseley running for re-election

Amanda McDonald Wiseley

Shenandoah County Commonwealth’s Attorney Amanda McDonald Wiseley announced Monday she will seek a second term as an independent.

Wiseley promised in a news release that she would campaign on the same themes that won her 63 percent of the vote when she was elected in 2011.

“I did so as a conservative independent candidate, and I fought the establishment all along the way,” Wiseley said.

Wiseley will face Republican Chad Logan, an assistant commonwealth’s attorney in Rockingham County, in the November General Election.

Wiseley described herself as a lifelong conservative Republican, who was “forced to take a stand” four years ago when she first ran as an independent.

“To be sure, I ran an uphill race on a promise that I would use my experience to make Shenandoah County a safer place for us all to live, work and raise our families,” Wiseley said. “And despite the significant challenges that have come our way, my record demonstrates that I have lived up to that promise.”

Wiseley cited sharp increases in indictments, which jumped from 505 in 2011, the year before she took office, to 1,127 in 2014 as evidence of her effectiveness.

She said she regarded the prosecution of six homicides, from April 2013 to November 2014, three of which have resulted in guilty pleas, as major accomplishments. She added she was continuing “to work tirelessly to see justice done” on the three homicide cases that have yet to be decided.

“The bottom line for the voters is that my staff and I work tirelessly to prosecute criminals and put them behind bars,” Wiseley said.

“I am not seeking re-election to ‘be somebody’ or to put a feather in my cap,” Wiseley added. “I’m seeking re-election because I can think of no greater honor than serving the people of this county by prosecuting the heroin dealers, the child molesters, the rapists, and murderers who threaten our way of life. We’ve come a long way, but my work is not done.”

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