NVDaily update: Flood evacuees wait for clearance to return

A resident of Greenfield of Woodstock is placed on the wheelchair lift of this van during the evacuation from the facility on Monday morning. Rich Cooley/Daily

Waterlogged Woodstock continued to feel the effects of flooding with more than 119 people waiting for a signal today that they could return to their homes more than a day after heavy rains forced their evacuations.

The 74 residents of the Greenfield of Woodstock assisted living center remained at the Comfort Inn.

Another 45 residents from the Wood Park Lane trailer park were still at the Peter Muhlenberg Middle School where public safety officials sent them late Monday morning. Public safety officials cited dangers posed by submerged electrical boxes and fuel oil and kerosene leakage among their reasons for ordering the evacuation of the traile park.

Shenandoah County Fire Chief Gary Yew said as of noon that he was hopeful that the Greenfield residents would be returning soon.

“Those residents are not back in the facility as of yet,” Yew said. “We anticipate that happening tomorrow.”

Yew said Wood Park Lane residents must await the completion of inspections of their trailers to determine whether and when they can safely return.

“Plus we also have some storm water management issues that have to be resolved before we can safely allow people back in,” Yew said.

— Joe Beck

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