Pet of the Week: Sweet Lil’ Miss seeks shelter

Mix-breed Lil' Miss, currently residing at the Warren County Animal Shelter in Front Royal, is looking for a home. Kevin Green/Daily

Despite having lived most of her life on the road, 8-year-old mixed-breed Lil’ Miss seems like the kind of dog capable of thriving in almost any living condition.

Liz Crump and Erika Unruh, shelter attendants at the Warren County Animal Shelter, described Lil’ Miss as a sweet dog that likes to go for walks as well as lounge around inside.

“She is lazy and is just happy to lay around,” Unruh said. “But she loves to go outside … just like any normal dog.”

On that token, Crump and Unruh noted that Lil’ Miss would need to be exercised three or four times a day by any future owner.

However, Lil’ Miss lived anything but a typical lifestyle prior to arriving at the shelter on April 19.

“Her owner could not keep her anymore,” Crump explained. “He was homeless for some time.”

Crump explained that she used to see Lil’ Miss and her owner around the Front Royal area quite a bit.

“He never used leash, so she was very connected to him,” Crump added. “She would follow him wherever he went and was right behind him.”

Even given that close bond, Crump and Unruh indicated that Lil’ Miss adjusted well upon arriving at he kennel.

“She hasn’t had any trouble here,” Unruh said. “She really just lays around. All of our volunteers love to take her out because she’s … so sweet.”

Despite being virtually homeless, Crump and Unruh also noted that the owner took good care of Lil’ Miss, and that she arrived at the shelter in relatively good shape — aside from having hematomas on her ears.

They both said that they believe Lil’ Miss would be able to adjust to a new home, so long as there is exercise involved as well as a place to lay down.

“A family would be fine, as long as they didn’t have any other animals,” Crump said, adding that she thinks Lil’ Miss would do fine with smaller children.

Crump said any future owner of Lil’ Miss would need to be willing to cuddle.

In addition, because Lil’ Miss is an older dog and can get a little stiff at times, Crump said that she would need a “big, comfy bed.”

However, Unruh also said that Lil’ Miss would not do well around cats and can be dog selective in terms of who she gets along with.

“We’ve had her in a play group with older dogs and with younger dogs, and she kind of corrects them when she thinks that they’re doing something she doesn’t like,” Unruh said.

Lil’ Miss does have a food allergy that requires a grain-free dog food diet, which Crump said can be a little pricy.

Aside from that, Crump noted several times that they believe Lil’ Miss will adjust well to a new home and owner.

Unruh said, “She’s just a good dog; she’s very beautiful.”

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