Forest service to close trout pond

The Lee District of the U.S Forest Service will temporarily shut down its Trout Pond Recreation Area in Hardy County, West Virginia, on Sept. 14 to complete a $415,000 upgrade of its water system.

District Ranger Katie Donahue said, “The things that visitors are going to see … there’s going to be a new bathhouse down at (the) swimming area. There’s going to be a new, smaller building.”

On top of that, the forest service will also be rehabbing the water wells and installing new waterlines and a new chlorination treatment system.

The recreation area typically closes in late October, but Donahue said, “We’re just going to have too many pipes dug up, so for people’s safety, we need to have the campground empty.”

This means that the forest service will not see the usually packed parking lots and large crowds of tourists it experiences during the ever-busy autumn leaf season.

“We have two other campgrounds that people can use – Wolf Gap and Hawk,” Donahue said. “They have fewer amenities, but they’re still available.

“There’s also lots of places along the forest where people can just disperse camp — you can pull off on the side of the road and pitch a tent.”

Donahue also indicated that hunters and anglers from the Northern Shenandoah Valley who use the trout pond’s parking will still be able to do so.

These facility upgrades by the forest service are the latest in a larger project it has undertaken to upgrade the recreation area’s infrastructure.

“That’s all we have planned, because that’s all we have funding for,” she said. “The rec area was built in 1971, so there’s always lots of upgrades that we could do.”

The trout pond will be closed until next spring, with the upgrades expected to be complete before the trout pond reopens for the season in early May.

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