Pet of the Week: Idealistic Happy lives up to his name

Happy, an 8-year-old beagle mix, lays down outside the Clarke County Animal Shelter in Berryville. Kevin Green/Daily

BERRYVILLE – Happy seems like the kind of dog only Hollywood could invent.

Brittany Fewell, kennel attendant at the Clarke County Animal Shelter in Berryville, described the black and white 8-year-old Beagle-mix as a “very loving, affectionate, happy little boy.”

“He really does live true to his name … he’s really the idealistic dog.”

Fewell was not joking with that description, either, noting that Happy does well “with everything and everyone.”

“He’d go great, really, in any kind of home just because he does so well with cats and dogs and children,” Fewell said, citing Happy’s positive results from a temperament test.

Fewell did note, however, the Happy is the kind of dog that has to approach and greet a person before getting comfortable with them.

“He’s done well with the children that have visited him here,” she said. “When he was temperament tested, he did well with familiar and unfamiliar children.”

Happy is an owner surrender.

“He’s house-broken, he eats very well, he’s not picky and I’m fairly positive that he knows his basic commands when he’s not distracted and not checking everything else in the building,” Fewell said.

Happy was constantly pacing back and forth, examining the building and his surroundings as Fewell explained his impressive rap sheet.

The hyperactiveness, Fewell said, is fairly common for the beagle breed – especially considering their use as hunting dogs.

“Because he’s a mix, there might be something else in there that’s giving that … especially for being (8 years old),” Fewell added. “Smaller dogs generally tend to have a lot more hyperactivity in them than larger dogs tend to.”

Because of Happy’s tendency toward hyperactivity, Fewell said she thinks that he would need a fair amount of exercise from any future owner.

“He does like to go out in the yard and play. He’ll fetch, not always the best, but he’ll fetch,” Fewell said, noting that Happy would tug a bit on the leash, but that he does walk just fine.

And despite his age, Fewell said Happy is pretty much in his prime and could live to be 15 years old if he stays healthy.

For more information on adopting Happy, contact the shelter at 225 Ramsburg Lane, Berryville, by calling 540-955-5104 or visiting http://tinyurl.com/n93h5lc.

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