School division hires 140 new staff members

As of Aug. 17, there have been 140 new staff members hired for the Frederick County Public School division for the 2015-2016 school year.

Of those positions, 110 are licensed staff, and the other 30 are support staff positions.

Steve Edwards, division coordinator of policy and communications, said, “The number of vacancies we had to fill this year is not a large number and was about average for FCPS,” he said.

Frederick County is the 22nd largest of the 134 school divisions in Virginia and has more than 2,100 full-time positions.

“By code, teachers have to inform their school division by June 15 if they do not intend to return to their position,” Edwards said.

That leaves about eight weeks to find replacements until school starts back up.

“This is typically enough time to fill the majority of vacant positions, although in some cases substitutes have to be used until a vacancy can be filled,” Edwards added.

“In most cases, there were no more than a handful of vacancies at any given school, which means the vast majority of teachers and other staff members are returning so the overall impact on individual schools is negligible,” Edwards said.

Edwards said most vacancies were created as staff members retired or voluntarily left the division.

“Teachers and other staff members who leave FCPS do so for a variety of reasons, including changing professions, moving out of the area to accept a position closer to their original home, moving out of the area due to a spouse’s job relocation, and higher salaries in other districts,” Edwards said.

Some positions were created as staff moved into other positions, such as assistant principal and instructional coaches.

“Fortunately, we typically have a relatively large applicant pool for teaching positions with many qualified candidates,” Edwards said.

“However, there are certain subject areas which are more challenging to fill than others, for example, mathematics, higher level sciences, ESL, and special education,” Edwards added.

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