Dinner theater, Vincent Price style

Victoria Price, daughter of actor Vincent Price, will be visiting Winchester's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a celebratory feast showing of "The Abominable Dr. Phibes." Photo courtesy of Richie Arpino

Winchester’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will celebrate the life and work of famed actor and horror icon Vincent Price today with a film, feast and visit from his daughter, Victoria Price.

Price will preface the Alamo’s showing of 1971 horror flick “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” with a presentation and afterward sign copies of the new 50th anniversary edition of “A Treasury of Great Recipes” as well as “Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography.” During the showing, the theater will offer filmgoers a meal inspired by the family’s cookbook.

In Price’s presentations to filmgoers, she’ll explain her mantra of “Explore, Savor, Celebrate,” as it summates her family’s life philosophy.

“For me, it was really about the fact that my parents had a very distinctive and I think very positive approach to life, and it’s an approach that this cookbook captures,” she said. “The book, I think, exhorts people to do the same; to sort of have a open-hearted, open-minded approach to life.”

Alamo’s Creative Manager Andy Gyurisin said that after a great reception for a recent 3D screening of “House of Wax,” another Price film from the 1950s, the cinema is anticipating a good turnout.

Victoria Price will be signing autographs on a new 50th anniversary edition of her parents Vincent and Mary Price's cookbook, "A Treasury of Great Recipes," at Winchester's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Photo courtesy of the Price Family Trust

“What I think is really exciting is we’ve seen Vincent Price on the big screen, we’ve sort of followed his adventures … but I didn’t realize that he was excited about food, a sort of foodie so to speak,” he said. “This is more than just coming to the movies and watching an old 1970s film, this is the general embodiment of experiencing the movie you’re about to watch.”

The 50th anniversary edition of the cookbook has meant a pretty rigorous fall tour for Victoria Price, who’ll be headed overseas before Halloween hits. For all the traveling and commitments, she said she always enjoys talking with fans who share their love for her dad in their own different ways.

“This has been a little different in that I’m often doing a different event every night … and that’s how my dad used to travel, so it’s been an interesting opportunity for me,” she said. “I have infinite respect for a man in his 70s doing that … and he did it because he loved it.”

Price has hit Alamo cinemas all over the country on her fall tour and said they provide the perfect venue for her feast event. As an interior designer, she said she was impressed with the stealthy service when visiting for the first time.

“I didn’t even see them, they’re like ninja servers,” she said laughingly.

Vincent Price, shown here, and his wife Mary published "A Treasury of Great Recipes" in 1965. Now, their daughter Victoria is touring with a 50th anniversary version of the book. Photo courtesy of the Price Family Trust

She said “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” is a perfect, classy choice for a dinner theater showing – better than some of the more gory films her father played in like “Theatre of Blood.” Gyurisin said the showing is a great opportunity to catch one of Vincent Price’s classic cult hits on the big screen.

“His films today are considered some of the best cult films available,” he said. “All of these really sort of iconic films are things that fit exactly in with the Alamo Drafthouse.”

Price said the exploratory collection of recipes and her mother’s design-minded book image has resonated with many – she’s even spoken with one couple who had their minister hold a copy during their wedding ceremony. At the same time, she said there are plenty of cult and horror fans who aren’t aware of her father’s nature as a gourmet.

“I am incredibly grateful to the horror fans because thanks to them, Vincent Price is perhaps more iconic than he was then,” she said. “I think the horror fans kept him alive … and those who don’t know about this are really excited to learn about it.”


• 7 p.m. Thursday at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 181 Kernstown Commons Blvd. in Winchester.
• Tickets are $27 and can be purchased through the cinema at http://tinyurl.com/o5rpetd.

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