Pet of the week: Foxy looking for a home on birthday

Foxy, a 3-to 4-year-old pit mix, sits outside of the Clarke County Animal Shelter in Berryville. Kevin Green/Daily

BERRYVILLE – The Clarke County Animal Shelter is looking to find a home for 3 to 4-year-old Foxy one year after she was donated to the shelter as a stray.

Jenny Wright, the shelter’s manager, said, “Her birthday is this month, and we’re having a rabies clinic (Oct. 17), so we plan on having another birthday party … and hopefully it’ll draw more people to possibly give her a home.”

Wright explained that Foxy – a tan-colored pit mix – has been at the shelter that long partly because “you clearly look and see that she’s a pit mix.”

“Pit mixes tend to turn people away – they don’t go for that breed,” Wright said.

Wright described Foxy as a “super, super sweet dog to people” that loves to tear apart squeaky chew-toys, but also “chooses not to like cats or (other) dogs.”

She added that the fact that Foxy doesn’t like other dogs may have also played a role in the dog’s lengthy stay at the shelter.

“I don’t know where she really came from – her past from puppyhood up until three years of age. I don’t know really know what she’s been through,” Wright said.

Aside from that, Wright said that Foxy is a highly energetic dog that loves to play outside, run and walk on a leash – possibly even a bit too much.

“We have a new fenced-in yard, and we take her out there and she just has a fun, fun old time,” Wright said. “It’s almost too hard to pull her back out of the yard … especially if she has a toy. You’re not going to catch her.”

Wright noted that possible owners would have to invest in hard-to-break toys for Foxy – since the dog has a tendency to tear through softer rubber toys.

“Anything else, she’s going to tear up. Anything else will explode as soon as her teeth and feet hit it,” she said. “She can go through toys a little faster than some of the other dogs we have up here.”

As far as owners, Wright said, “I think it needs to be a high-energy family that likes to go biking, jogging, hiking or camping. Or someone that’s just home all day.”

Wright added that she believes Foxy would do well with children, given that she has not had any problems in her time at the shelter.

“I think that she would fit anywhere – any kind of living place. As long as someone had … energy and time to put in her,” Wright said.

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