Sheriff’s office warns of scam

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a phone and mail scam involving someone falsely claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service who calls residents and informs them they owe money to the agency.

The caller often tries to deceive intended victims by using an altered caller identification made to look like the originating number belongs to the IRS.

Recipients of the call are falsely told they owe money to the IRS and must pay quickly, often by a pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer. Intended victims who refuse to pay are threatened with arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office says the IRS does not demand immediate payment of delinquent taxes without first sending a bill through the mail. The IRS also does not demand payments on back taxes without giving people the opportunity to dispute the amount owed nor does the agency threaten to have local police or other law enforcement groups arrest those who do not pay.

Anyone wanting to report an IRS-related scam should visit Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration web site at www.treasury.gov/tigta.