Cargill sponsors Quicksburg corn maze

Cargill Inc. sponsored this year's corn maize at Bridgemont Farms in Quicksburg by creating this design and paying for the GPS program that cut it. Photo courtesy of Cargill

Bridgemont Farms in Quicksburg has a slightly different theme to its corn maze this year.

Global private business Cargill Inc. decided to partner with Bridgemont to sponsor and use the maze as part of its 150th anniversary celebration, creating a celebratory motif within the maze that was captured on a drone camera.

Paul Hillen, Cargill’s vice president of global marketing, said footage going through and above the maze was shown to those at the 150th anniversary celebration in Minneapolis on Oct. 19. At the event, people lined up to get the chance to explore the maze via a 3-minute tour on a headset.

“We had thousands of employees and their families…the corn maze headsets were a big hit,” he said. “It’s 360 degrees…as if you’re walking through the maze. It’s pretty neat technology.”

Hillen said that the company knew Bridgemont’s Timothy Day used the cutting edge of GPS cutting equipment for his mazes, which is why they chose that farm in particular to host the anniversary corn maze. The company paid for the design and GPS program to load into the tractor and created a company message with a farmer in the center.

“The goal with our 150th anniversary is to celebrate farmers as a nod to our heritage and how we got started out,” Hillen said. “We’re celebrating the farmer and that’s right in the middle of it.”

In addition to the unique design, Hillen said there are 24 game stations scattered throughout the maze that teach children and their families about agricultural production.

“We wanted to celebrate not just the farmer, but what role agriculture plays in feeding the world and nourishing the world,” he said.

Although Hillen said the company has found more than 600 ways to commemorate the landmark anniversary, this is the first time it’s used a corn maze – which he said becomes a popular source of additional income in the fall season.

“This has turned into an industry for farmers; this is a way for them to produce additional revenue,” he said.

Other than Cargill coming to film the maze, Day said there hasn’t been much change in local enjoyment of his seasonal attraction. The last day the maze at Bridgemont Farms will be open is Nov. 15.


• 4 -10 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and 1 – 7 p.m. Sunday at Bridgemont Farms, 600 Wissler Road in Quicksburg.

• Admission is $7 and children younger than 4 are admitted free. Contact 540-477-4200.

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