Oh my! 1,200 pies!

Debbie Coffelt, treasurer for the Strasburg Music Boosters, mixes apples during the club's eighth annual apple pie baking fundraiser held Friday evening in Strasburg High School's cafeteria. The fundraiser supports band, orchestra, chorus and color guard members in the middle and high schools. This year the group baked 1,200 pies. Rich Cooley/Daily

The Strasburg Music Boosters made 1,200 apple pies in the Strasburg High School cafeteria as part of the annual Apple Pie Bake Fundraiser on Friday.

Vega Ziemer, vice president of the Strasburg Music Boosters, said this fundraiser will help support the music programs at all three Strasburg schools.

She said the program is important to this community and has “personally changed the lives of my kids.”

But the music programs are in need of community support.

With the county schools’ spending freeze, “every single thing they need has fallen on us,” she said about the expenses and needs of the music programs.

Allen Numan, 12, a middle school band student, peels apple destined for a pie. Rich Cooley/Daily

“There’s very little that’s in operable condition,” she said.

The conditions of the uniforms being worn by the students are “passable, but not in great shape,” she added.

The instruments are in worse condition. She said that there are tubas being held together by duct tape, drums are cracked and drumheads need to be replaced, and there aren’t enough instruments for everyone. Some kids are leasing or buying their own instruments because of the state of the school instruments.

With the money raised at this fundraiser, the music programs can purchase music, pay registration fees for assessments and competitions, instrument repairs and purchases, uniform repairs and purchases and transportation of equipment.

“There’s so much that we can do,” she said.

Strasburg High School Orchestra students Joy Cantrell, 16, left, Courtney Hodges, 17, center, and Sarah Mayberry, 16, right, toss cut apples into a bowl. Rich Cooley/Daily

About 75 people helped make fundraiser possible, which began at 3:15 Friday afternoon.

She said this year has seen the most amount of pies requested. Last year, the booster group sold 800 pies, which was their largest sale until this year. The 1,200 pie orders were placed this year, with about two-thirds of the pies being unbaked and the rest baked.

“They’re fantastic,” she said.

Donations were made to the booster group to cover the cost of supplies needed to make the pies. Wal-Mart and Martin’s also donated gift cards to make the fundraiser possible.

The pies sold for $10 each.

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