Pet of the week: Blue wants attentive cuddle partner

Blue spends some cuddle time with Winchester SPCA kennel staff member Stephanie Magbanua. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

WINCHESTER – After being separated from her loving owner, Blue is waiting for a hopeful adoptive family that will whisk her away from her temporary shelter home and continue to dote on her.

A soft, grey domestic long hair, 13-year-old Blue came to the Winchester SPCA on Oct. 6 after her previous owner moved into a nursing home. While Blue has been well behaved living alongside the other cats, she wants room to roam and attention.

Kennel staff member Stephanie Magbanua said that it’s unfortunate Blue needed relocation to the shelter since her owner took very good care of her. The move and stay at the shelter has been hard on the cat, making her stressed and depressed. But whenever families come to pay her a visit, she’s quick to give them inquisitive affection once she adjusts.

“When we’ve had her in with some people before, she’s done really well,” she said.

Blue just wants to live a peaceful and quiet life at home with no fuss. Magbanua said Blue has only had friendly interactions with the other cats at the shelter but will quickly shrink away if they try to get rowdy with her.

“She’s more of a lazy cat, so other than the ones that really get up in her face and try and play with her, she’s fine,” she said.

Because Blue is an older cat, Magbanua doesn’t recommend her to owners of those very playful kitties or dogs that may cause her further stress. Although she’s gotten along fine with children who have visited, they should understand that Blue won’t constantly want to play like a kitten would.

“The only thing with families is that she’s an older cat, so that’s the only downfall of it,” she said. “The older ones are the ones who stay here the longest.”

Close contact will help Blue adjust to a new home and make her feel loved – she enjoys cuddling on people’s laps and just being held. As a long-haired cat, she’ll also need plenty of brushing time to keep her coat nice and soft. Those grooming sessions will serve well to bond Blue with her future owner.

“She definitely is a lap kitty and she loves to be brushed,” Magbanua said. “I brushed her for like an hour the other day and she loved it.”

As a “senior citizen” of the shelter, Blue’s adoption fee is $65 rather than the usual $95. She’s declawed in the front, spayed, microchipped and has been treated for fleas and de-wormed at the shelter. Blue is up to date on her distemper vaccine but needs a rabies shot, which will be included with the complimentary vet checkup the shelter offers.

Adjusting to the shelter after the comforts of her previous home has been rough for Blue, and Magbanua said the cat is more than ready to live the high life with any attentive and affectionate owner.

“Really, any home I think with her would be an OK one, she just needs one that actually has a lot of time for a cat,” she said.

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