Sours to serve first full term as commissioner

Sherry Sours will continue to serve Warren County as Commissioner of Revenue after winning the elected position over Republican challenger François Flippen.

Sours, an independent candidate, ended up pulling almost two thirds of the total vote from the 12 precincts. Flippen garnered 36.72 percent.

Awaiting the verdict by keeping an eye on her phone at Mojo’s in Front Royal, Sours received congratulations from friends and poll workers and said she was happy the campaign and election process had reached an end. Not wanting to take chances, she waited until the last of the votes had been tallied before banking on a victory.

“I was kind of leaning toward that all along but I wanted to make sure … if the voter turnout was low I was a little worried about that, but they got out there and they voted for me so I’m happy,” she said.

Sours was first elected to the position in November 2013 after John Smedley Sr. died suddenly midway through his term. She served as commissioner for the remainder of his term, and this will be the first full four years she will serve in the office.

Despite Flippen receiving the Republican party’s backing, Sours said demonstration of a job well done was all the endorsement she needed to win the vote.

“I had good responses from everybody, good feedback,” she said. “I think all of it shows that I’ve done my job well, the votes spoke.”

Flippen was not available for comment.

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