Sours wins overall, but Flippen won most votes in home precinct

Precinct votes in Warren County’s race for Commissioner of Revenue reflected the county results that won Sherry Sours her first full term in the position, with a few slight exceptions.

Virginia Department of Election’s unofficial results tally the numbers in at 2,304 votes, or 36.72 percent, for Republican candidate François Flippen and 3,958 votes, or 63.09 percent, for independent candidate Sours, who has held the position for two years since a special election after previous commissioner John Smedley Sr. died unexpectedly.

Sours led by a wide margin in the South River election district. According to the Virginia Department of Elections’ candidate list, she lives in the district’s Browntown precinct. She led the election in Browntown by 76.64 percent with 210 voters, in Bentonville by 76.13 percent with 236 voters and in the South River precinct by 65.08 percent with 423 voters.

Flippen won the most votes in the East Shenandoah precinct – where the candidate list says he lives — coming out on top with 56.74 percent or 463 voters. But Flippen didn’t hold a geographic lead next door in West Shenandoah, where Sours took 66.08 percent of the vote with 339 voters and he took 33.72 percent, or 173 voters.

In the nearby Linden precinct, Flippen garnered 40.39 percent of the vote compared to 58.83 percent for Sours. Happy Creek residents favored Sours a bit more, with 62.79 percent contributing to her win over 37.21 going for Flippen. North River voters went 69.22 percent toward Sours and 30.18 toward Flippen, while Riverton voters went 62.05 percent for Sours and 37.95 percent for Flippen.

Residents of the Fork district were solid on Sours’ side. Fork Town split 68.35 percent to 31.41 and in Otterburn, 65.18 percent of voters went for Sours while 34.82 voted for Flippen.

Absentee ballot voters heavily favored Sours as well, with 71.56 percent coming through for Sours compared to Flippen’s 28.44 percent. Countywide, 12 voters wrote in names for the commissioner’s race.

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