Wiseley won most precincts in close race

Amanda Wiseley

Shenandoah County Commonwealth’s Attorney Amanda McDonald Wiseley won her second term Tuesday by winning all but two of 13 precincts over Republican challenger Chad Logan.

Wiseley, an independent, carried all precincts when she defeated former Woodstock Mayor Jeremy McCleary, a Republican, with 62 percent of the vote in 2011.

This time was much closer.

Unofficial returns show Wiseley beat Logan 52 percent to 47 percent and by varying margins in the precincts she carried.

Her best showing was in the Lebanon Church precinct, where she collected 65 percent of the vote against Logan’s 35 percent.

Chad Logan

Logan won Woodstock and New Market with about 53 percent, a margin of about 5 ½ percent over Wiseley in each precinct.

Wiseley won the St. Luke precinct by a single vote, 423-422, and Edinburg by seven votes.

In a written statement, Wiseley thanked her supporters, staff, law enforcement and “all emergency personnel in Shenandoah County” for making her first term “so successful.”

“Chad Logan called Tuesday night and conceded with the kind of dignity I can only hope I would display in his position,” Wiseley said. “Until I ran for this office 4 1/12 years ago, I did not know how much sacrifice and hard work campaigning required. Having now gone through two hard-fought elections, I am fully aware of how difficult the last two months have been for Chad and his family. It has been a long election season and a tough campaign. I wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do next.”

Logan said in an interview that he was disappointed in the outcome but grateful to those who worked and voted for him in a “very close” election.

“I’ll just say we are very proud of the campaign I ran and standing with integrity through the whole process,” Logan said.

Logan, who was on leave from his job as assistant commonwealth’s attorney in Rockingham County during the campaign, said he planned to return to work Monday.

When a reporter told Logan he did not hear him say anything that ruled out another campaign for commonwealth’s attorney, Logan replied, “No, you did not.”

Results by precinct — Commonwealth’s Attorney

Logan 42.72 percent
Wiseley 56.62 percent

Orkney Springs
Logan 41.94 percent
Wiseley 58.06 percent

New Market
Logan 52.46 percent
Wiseley 47.26 percent

Logan 44.74 percent
Wiseley 47.26 percent

Mount Jackson
Logan 46.84 percent
Wiseley 53.16 percent

Logan 49.59 percent
Wiseley 50.41 percent

St. Luke
Logan 49.88 percent
Wiseley 50.00 percent

Fort Valley
Logan 47.82 percent
Wiseley 52.18 percent

Logan 52.77 percent
Wiseley 46.99 percent

Cedar Creek
Logan 44.83 percent
Wiseley 55.17 percent

Toms Brook
Logan 44.95 percent
Wiseley 54.86 percent

Lebanon Church
Logan 35.28 percent
Wiseley 64.72 percent

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