Strasburg woman decorates with more than 450 Santas

Deborah Ludwig sits beside a table of Santa Claus decorations in her Strasburg home with her grandson William Ludwig, 4. Ludwig has a collection of more than 450 Santas. Rich Cooley/Daily

STRASBURG – Deborah Ludwig decks the halls for Christmas with more than 450 Santa Claus decorations throughout her house.

“There’s something different about all of them,” she said. Each Santa has its own quirks.

She has been collecting Santa Clauses since 1984 and places them throughout her entire home. Whether on shelves, cabinets or the floor, she fits them wherever she can find room. It usually takes about a week and a half to get all the Santas up.

“I like Santas. It doesn’t matter what they look like or whom they’re dressed like,” she said.

She said she decorates for other holidays as well, but nothing compares to her celebration of the Christmas holiday.

Deborah Ludwig of Strasburg holds a Santa that her late husband gave her as a Christmas gift. Ludwig receives Santas as Christmas gifts each year. Rich Cooley/Daily

“I just love Christmastime,” she said.

Family and friends pitch in every year and bring a Santa over for her collection – even after she tells them she has enough. She has four children and eight grandchildren who all get into the holiday spirit with her.

When someone walks into the house for the first time, she said, people are awestruck.

“Boy, you do have a lot of Santas,” she recalled them saying. “I’ve never seen so many.”

Some Santas are featured year-round. These are the wooden or porcelain collector’s items. The Santas that get boxed up are replaced by her antique décor.

Ludwig had an oak cabinet made exclusively to house her collection of Santas. Rich Cooley/Daily

In addition to her Santa Clauses, she also owns six Christmas trees. She has three 7.5-foot Christmas trees and three smaller trees placed throughout the house.

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Ludwig holds her oldest Santa, given to her by her aunt. Rich Cooley/Daily

Ludwig holds a wooden Santa. Rich Cooley/Daily