Students create ice cream flavors for local shop

Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy student Luke Shollenberger, 15, of Front Royal, watches as his chocolate pomegranate ice cream recipe flows out of the ice cream machine as C & C Frozen Treats owner William Huck looks on. Rich Cooley/Daily

FRONT ROYAL — Students at Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy recently created ice cream flavors for C&C Frozen Treats at 409 E. Main St., Front Royal.

Part of a persuasive writing competition designed by English teacher Jodi Shollenberger, it challenged students to think creatively.

“All kids are competitive and everyone wants to win,” Shollenberger said.

The students had three weeks to write the essays, and she said they were very intense when developing the flavors and essays.

In the standard five-paragraph persuasive essay, students had to try to convince their audience – C&C Frozen Treats – to create an ice cream flavor.

William Huck, left, owner of C & C Frozen Treats, pours pomegranate juice into a mixing bowl as he and a group of English class students from Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy make chocolate pomegranate ice cream at his store in Front Royal on Tuesday. Rich Cooley/Daily

William Huck and his staff at C&C Frozen Treats chose two winning essays and created those ice cream flavors to be used in the shop.

“It gives the kids a chance to show their creative skills in a different way,” he said.

To choose the winners, he said his team looked at creativity of the students’ papers and flavors, which ingredients would need to be used and if they were cost effective. They also looked at what would be most likely to sell in the shop.

A winner was chosen between the ninth and 1oth grades, and between the seventh and eighth grades.

Tenth grade student, Luke Shollenberger, 15, won for his chocolate pomegranate-flavored ice cream.

“I was doing (the contest) because I loved it, and because I love the pomegranates and chocolate,” he said.

Students visited the shop recently to see how ice cream is made. They even helped make the winning chocolate pomegranate flavor before getting the chance to sample it.

Seventh and eighth graders also visited the shop and Brandon Ahleman, 13, of Winchester, won with his raspberry kiwi flavor.

Later in the year, the shop will make some of the flavors that didn’t win the contest, Huck said.

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The winning essays

Raspberry kiwi ice cream

By Brandon Ahleman

Have you ever wanted an ice cream that will brighten your day with its strong, fruity flavors? If so, Raspberry Kiwi is the flavor for you. You will enjoy it because of its sweet flavor, nutritional value, and it’s uniqueness.

The sweet flavor would be like a fruity explosion inside your mouth. If you like raspberries, kiwis, and ice cream, why wouldn’t you try it? Raspberry Kiwi may sound like a weird flavor for an ice cream, but I believe people thought mint chocolate chip was also a weird flavor when it was first introduced.

This flavor also offers some nutritional value. Raspberries and kiwis are both fruits that are very good for you. Now you can take something like ice cream that isn’t always healthy for you and make it into something that has nutritional value. You would have milk, kiwis, and raspberries all in one meal; it doesn’t get much better than that.

It is unique because not many people have thought of this flavor, much less tried it. You could brag to your friends that you’ve tried an ice cream that very few people have tried. It would encourage them to try this unique, new flavor.

Since now you know it’s delicious, nutritious, and unique, when someone tells you to eat healthy, go grab a bowl of Raspberry Kiwi ice cream.


Chocolate pomegranate

By Luke Shollenberger

Do you like fruity ice cream with a bit of sweetness? Well if so, then chocolate pomegranate ice cream could be the flavor for you. Pomegranates are high in nutritional value, have a sweet taste, and are perfect when combined with chocolate and ice cream.

Pomegranates are a good source of antioxidant vitamin c and, provide about 17% per 100 g of daily requirement. Another health benefit of pomegranates are that they contain no cholesterol or saturated fat. Pomegranates are actually suggested by nutritionists to aid in weight loss. So with these health benefits why not add it to ice cream to increase the nutrition of ice cream.

Pomegranates have a unique flavor that can add a bit of sweetness to ice cream. According to the website Howthingstaste.com the seeds of the pomegranate fruit are sweet, juicy and bursting with flavor. They can be added to both savoury and dessert style foods and add a unique and tantalizing flavor to any dish. So given these facts I believe that adding pomegranates to ice cream would be ideal.

It is estimated that approximately 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. The average American consumes 12 pounds of chocolate per year. With these percentages several companies have decided to package and sell chocolate covered pomegranates. Combining the two delicious snacks seems to have proven successful. I believe adding these two snacks to an ice cream would be extremely successful.

While I feel I have shown you just how beneficial it would be to create a chocolate pomegranate ice cream I will leave the decision in your hands. Do you want to offer the people a nutritional snack with a unique flavor that will combine two very tasty treats? If so, then creating a chocolate covered pomegranate ice cream is the choice for you!