Blizzard of 2016: Readers’ Photos

5'1" Abigail Lopez, 16, rescues the family dog Max from 3 feet of snow on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Bernadette Lopez
A red barn stands out brightly against the white snow in Edinburg during the blizzard. Photo courtesy of Rhonda Mitchell.
Heavy snow covers trees on Meadow Drive in Edinburg. Photo courtesy of Becky Ryman
Brooklynn Mathews, 3, helps her dad Cody Mathews plow snow at their Bentonville home on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Jessica Riley
Snow covers a bird feeder outside a Westminster-Canterbury cottage in Winchester during the blizzard on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Mary Owen
Peachy contemplates the snow from her Front Royal home. Courtesy photo by Connie Marshner
Ashton Nelson, of Maurertown, peeks out from his igloo. Courtesy photo
Grayson and Mary Kate Manning enjoy the snow at Bryce Resort. Courtesy photo
An image of the valley after the blizzard. Photo courtesy of Hannah Shaw
A little fun in the snow in Front Royal. Photo courtesy of Bill Hanna
Re-enactor Tim Rhodes, of Jerome, portrays a soldier in the 1862 winter campaign during the Blizzard of 2016. Photo courtesy of Tracy Barb
Snow creates an interesting pattern atop these mailboxes on Fleming Road in Mount Jackson. Photo courtesy of Earl Pridgen
A cardinal finds a perch during the storm at a Strasburg home. Courtesy photo by Lisa Asher
Pete, a horse owned by Jan Lambert, stares out at the blizzard on Saturday in Edinburg. Photo courtesy by Miranda Lamber
Preston Jaccard and miniature horse Flower walk through the snow in Saumsville in Shenandoah County. Photo courtesy by Samantha Jaccard
Matthew Kingree Jr., 2, and Maison Kingree, 1, both of Toms Brook, enjoy a sled ride on Friday. Courtesy photo
Adalyn George, 8 months, of Woodstock, takes a ride on a bright red sled. Photo courtesy of Sara George
Robert Swisher hikes through the snow during the blizzard on Mountain Road in Front Royal on Saturday. Courtesy photo by Nichole Turpin
Rachel Tusing hugs her plot hound while it was treeing a squirrel during the storm. Photo courtesy of Lisa Tusing
Autumn Goodman, 6, and Leah Goodman, 14 months, of Woodstock, enjoy playing in the snow on Saturday. Courtesy photo by Donna Goodman
Raegan Kibler celebrates her ninth birthday in the snow. Photo courtesy of Cyndi Greer and Linda Weaver Hull.
Laustin Miller, of Woodstock, looks at home in the snow. Photo courtesy of Becky Miller
This landscape was taken by Justine Jordan, of Edinburg.

Readers are sharing their snow photos with the Northern Virginia Daily this week.

Some of the photos in this slideshow appeared in Monday’s and Tuesday’s paper. Others will appear in Wednesday’s paper.

Email your snow photos to news@nvdaily.com and please include who took the photo, provide names of people in the photo,  from left to right,  and where and when the photo was taken.