Area preschoolers shovel dirt, lay bricks

Graciel Tapia, 18, a second-year student at Triplett Tech, shows preschooler Benjamin Myers, 4, of Edinburg, how to lay brick down with mortar. Kaley Toy/Daily

MOUNT JACKSON – Preschoolers in Raelyn Hamilton’s class learned what masons do everyday from students in Gary Kibler’s masonry class at Triplett Tech this week.

Hamilton, an early education teacher at Triplett Tech, got the kids excited for what they would be learning by reading “Three Little Pigs” to them. The kids learned how houses made from bricks are stronger than other materials.

“Masons are people who lay brick,” she told the students before going to the masonry classroom.

The kids shoveled dirt into a wheelbarrow and created a small wall from brick and mortar, using a level to keep it even.

“The kids love it,” she said.

Gary Kibler, masonry instructor at Triplett Tech, shows the preschoolers how strong brick is, and why masons use brick to build houses. Kaley Toy/Daily

Kibler’s students supervised the students throughout the process.  He said that many people don’t understand what masons do on a daily basis.

“When they see it done, it looks so easy and these guys make it look so easy,” he said. “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

“We like to show off what we can do,” he added. “We don’t mind showing off, but we don’t like bragging about it.”

Hamilton told the students, “This is our last stop on our career journey.”

These visits are part of a program called Kids Connect that Hamilton created to get kids thinking about careers earlier in life. This program is modeled after Career Connection, a national program sponsored by the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America – http://www.fcclainc.org.

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