School Board asked to consider school boundary policy revisions

WOODSTOCK – Shenandoah County Public Schools School Board will be considering two attendance boundary policy revisions at its March 10 board meeting.

Superintendent Jeremy Raley proposed the revisions at Thursday’s board meeting.


“These are proposals — they are in draft form. You will have many opportunities to listen to community feedback prior to making your decision on March 10,” he told the board.

Both options allow full-time school employees to bring their children to the campus at which they work.

“This is a benefit to our employees and serves as an attraction and recruitment tool for us at zero cost to the school division,” Raley said.

Both options also allow students with disabilities to attend a school outside of their assigned attendance area for programmatic and instructional needs.

In the current policy, it states that the superintendent can grant special permission to allow students to go to a school outside of their attendance zone. In the two revised policy options, this has been removed.

“Basically you go to school where you are assigned based on attendance boundaries,” he said.

Both options also state “changes in attendance areas will be periodically evaluated as needed, but no less than once every five years.”

“It is best practice to analyze and review attendance boundaries on a regular basis, because you analyze doesn’t mean that you are going to make changes, but they need to be reviewed on a regular basis,” he added.

Differences in the options lie in what high school students will be allowed to finish their high school careers.

Option A allows ninth-, 10th- and 11th-graders to finish at their current school, but those who choose to stay at their current school must provide their own transportation.

Option B allows only 11th grade students to finish at their current school, and those who stay at their current school will be provided transportation.

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