Council discusses better deal with water treatment facility

NEW MARKET – At a Monday meeting, the New Market Town Council discussed a change to wastewater agreement with the town of Broadway, which owns the water treatment plant used by New Market and surrounding communities.

The new deal will save New Market significant money, explained town attorney Jason Ham, as the plant in Broadway is in need of funding for $8 million in necessary infrastructural changes.

New Market will save money partially due to waived inflationary increases on a five-year extension on the town’s usage of the Broadway plant.

“This is dramatically cheaper and a much better deal than we ever would have done by ourselves,” Ham said. “We’ve got a plan for the very long haul.”

With the new agreement, New Market will have to pay approximately an additional $20,000 per year, which, due to the stipulations of the new agreement, will save the town money down the road.

“I firmly believe that the additional five years at the end of this will be worth way more than $20,000 a year,” said Ham.

Councilwoman Peggy Harkness also voiced her concerns.

“I think any of us reading the newspapers right now are appalled by some of the things we read about the delivery of water to some of the towns and cities throughout the United States,” she said. “And while I know lead is a different issue, this is still helping to deliver clean water to our citizens and it’s doing it in an economical way.”

Additionally, it was noted that a $4,000 payment has been made for New Market’s July 3 fireworks show. The funds come from the Rebel Fireworks Association, an all-volunteer fundraising effort.

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Correction: This story has been corrected. The $4,000 payment made to the fireworks company for New Market’s July 3 fireworks show was not paid for with town funds. The money for that payment came from the Rebel Fireworks Association, an all-volunteer fundraising effort.