Town amends for remote access

MIDDLETOWN – Councilors unanimously approved a new town ordinance on Monday in a meeting that lasted about 10 minutes.

Councilor Jeffrey Pennington gave the third and final reading of an ordinance that would amend town code to allow town council members to attend meetings and vote electronically.

With a full reading, he detailed that the member would need to have been absent because of an “emergency or personal matter” and would be allowed remote access to a limited number of meetings per year. The member would also need to notify the town clerk of their absence in advance.

The ordinance was approved unanimously by all in attendance.

Motions for the reappointment of both Mark Brown and Gil Barrington to the Planning Commission were not approved. All councilors voted against the reappointments except for councilor Carolyn Aliff, who abstained from voting on either motion.

Vice Mayor Tom Simon was absent from the meeting.

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