Ambulance damaged in crash

Warren County Fire and Rescue Chief Richard Mabie, left, and Capt. Kevin Catlett look over the damage to North Warren's ambulance following a Thursday afternoon crash. Rich Cooley/Daily

A Warren County ambulance is out of commission for repairs after an accident on Reliance Road on Thursday afternoon.

Sgt. F.L. “Les” Tyler of the Virginia State Police said that at around 2:30 p.m., a 2008 Chevy pickup truck traveling east on Reliance Road just east of Interstate 81 crossed over the center line and struck an ambulance that was not on duty and not carrying any patients. He said the truck’s driver, Middletown resident William Rankin, was charged with reckless driving.

Warren County Fire Chief Richard E. Mabie said the North Warren ambulance was traveling to Compton’s Towing and Repair in Middletown because the vehicle was having transmission issues.

“It’s a relatively new piece,” he said. “It’s my understanding that it’s just out of warranty, otherwise we would’ve had the manufacturer take a look at it.”

He said the accident caused damage to the driver’s side view mirror, the body of the ambulance box, wheel well damage and mechanical damage underneath the box. He also said the rear driver’s side wheels were damaged and the axle was visibly bent.

“As far as medial equipment, we don’t think any of that is damaged … we’re still evaluating that,” he said.

Mabie said repairs from the accident could add months to the vehicle’s repair timeline.

“We’re hoping for the best but we’re prepared for the worst,” he said.

Out of fourteen Warren County ambulances, Mabie said two are reserve vehicles for when others are out of commission. He said that one reserve vehicle was already in service in anticipation of the transmission work when the accident occurred. That reserve vehicle came to the scene to provide aid. The driver in the off-duty ambulance was Homer Cross, who was taken to Warren Memorial Hospital for injuries.

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