Mommy and Me Clubhouse opens in Winchester

Mommy and Me Clubhouse, a space where parents can get work done or just relax while their child is cared for, has opened in Winchester.

The business is the baby of Monica Chaney, a mother who discovered the need for a space like Mommy and Me while trying to balance being a mother with being a college student. Chaney owns the company with her mother, Angel Williams.

The clubhouse, located at 105 Weems Lane, is a 1200-square-foot facility with a lounge in the front of the space and a play area for children in the back portion.

“It’s kind of like a lounge bookstore type thing,” said Chaney. “The front of the building is a lounge for moms, dads or students to hang out. In the back there is a supervised playroom. They can do schoolwork, we have coffee and snacks.”

Clients can expect to pay $10 for a two-hour session and $40 for a month of unlimited visits. The business’ hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Monday through Friday.

Chaney says she hopes to help exhausted parents enjoy a brief respite from their demanding duties as parents.

“I’m a mother and a student and it’s hard,” said Chaney. “It’s a hard job, and the idea was to give them [parents] a place to recharge.”

Chaney has had several kinds of clients since the store opened on April 11.

“We’ve had a pretty decent amount of people come in…We’ve had parents in their twenties and we’ve had parents in their forties,” she said.

Mommy and Me Clubhouse also offers birthday and office parties that can accommodate up to 30 people. Two weeks of advanced notice is required for parties.

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