Proper attire required for area proms

Jeans, flip-flops, T-shirts and other casual clothing will be staying at home as area students – dressed to the nines – attend their schools’ biggest party of the year this month and next. Prom season has arrived.

The much-anticipated annual event is a formal affair, and schools require students to dress appropriately.

At Central High School,  Principal Melissa Hensley said students are expected to dress in formal or semi-formal attire on their prom night, which is May 21 at the school.

“If students are unable to afford appropriate attire and wish to attend the prom, we work with them on an individual basis to find clothing they may borrow,” she said.

Strasburg High School Principal Morgan Saeler noted, “Prom is considered a formal event and formal attire is required for all students.”

Strasburg’s prom will be held at the school on May 7.

Stonewall Jackson High School students are also expected to dress and behave according to school expectations, Principal Mike Dorman said.

“When they do not comply, we address it,” he said.

He added that there are no restrictions on dress length or hats in their handbook.

Their prom is on May 14 and will be held at the county fairgrounds.

At Warren County High School, juniors and seniors will attend prom at the Bowling Green Country Club on May 14.

Mary Frances Bukva, Warren County High School dean of students, said their dance is also a formal affair.

“Most young ladies will be dressed out in long evening wear. Most of the young gentlemen will be in tuxedos, but suits are also acceptable,” she said.

When the student purchases his or her ticket, the student is given a sheet on policies and procedures that they must sign and return.

Restrictions include:

• No underwear-type sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or bare midriffs are allowed.
• No garments with see-through material are allowed.
• No gang-related apparel is allowed.
• No headwear is allowed other than top hats.
• No attire with lettering or drawing, which depicts sexually suggestive expressions/actions, profanity, drugs, alcohol, or that degrades the integrity of any individual is allowed.

Sleeveless and/or spaghetti strap evening gowns are permitted, Bukva said.

Students at Skyline High School, who had the the first area prom on Friday night, were expected to look their best and in formal wear.

Cindy Redmon, Skyline fine arts department head and visual arts teacher, said 99.9 percent of students come to prom looking lovely.

“Students really look forward to this night and dress accordingly as it adds to the excitement of the evening,” she said. “The evening is festive and for our students a rite of passage. We are always pleased that our students step up and look accordingly.”

She added that hats were not allowed and “we like to see appropriate cover.”  The young men, she said, rent tuxedos in a variety of colors, often color coordinating with his date’s dress color. The ladies dress in a “variety of lovely dress, never a shortage,” she said.

Warren County also runs the Glass Slipper, a second hand store at the Blue Ridge Educational Center. Dresses, shoes, and men’s items are also offered for students.

“Surprisingly, many students take advantage of this store, we are happy to say,” she said.

In Frederick County, Sherando High School students will be wearing appropriate dresses and young men will be expected to wear jackets and ties, said Steve Edwards, coordinator of public relations and policy.

“Jeans, T-shirts and other forms of casual dress are not allowed to be worn to the proms,” he said. “In many cases, our schools work with those students who want to attend prom, but do not have access to appropriate formal wear.”

Sherando’s prom night is April  23.

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