Former teacher runs for Edinburg Town Council

Carrie Hamilton

Carrie Hamilton, a former preschool teacher, is running for one of three Edinburg Town Council seats up for election May 3.

Hamilton, who has a liberal arts degree, studied at Northern Virginia Community College and the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

She says she has no personal agenda, and instead focuses on the needs of the community.

“I like talking to my neighbors and seeing what their concerns are or what they would like,” said Hamilton. “I’m in the process of doing that. We came out here and fell in love with the community and wanted to be a bigger part of it.”

Hamilton says her plans involve maintaining Edinburg’s stability.

“I like the town. I like how things are and I’d like to be a part of helping things stay the same,” she said. “However, if more development were to come up that the people in town didn’t necessarily like, I’d like to be a voice for those people.”

Hamilton, a stay-at-home mother of three children, also says that a true familiarity and love for Edinburg will enable her to make decisions in the town’s best interests.

“I think the connection to Edinburg is really important,” said Hamilton. “I’m neighbors with someone who is running as well and I think it would be great to have familiar people in [Town Council].”

Hamilton, along with her husband Nicholas Pedrozo, moved to Edinburg two years ago after living in the Northern Virginia area and says she’s very happy with her current location.

“We chose to live here. We fell in love with the people. They’re so friendly and helpful. There’s a lot of give and take and I like it,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton says she prides herself on her honesty and dependability.

“I’m a straightforward person,” she said. “What you see is what you get. I stick to my word. I love people – getting to know them and helping them.”

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