Area strawberry crop looking good

Area growers are reporting positive signs that this year’s strawberry crop yield will be high.

“It looked like to me it was a big crop,” said Tom Davenport, owner of Hollin Farms in Delaplane, which offers pick-your-own strawberries. “It wasn’t affected by the freeze, at least ours weren’t. They look pretty good.”

However, the cooler, wet weather the area has has been experiencing lately could cause some problems, he said.

“The cold weather can cause a lot of funguses and molds on the strawberries,” said Davenport. “One of the issues is when you have the lack of sunshine and cold weather, the strawberries get watery and less sweet.”

Davenport said his peach and other fruit crops were damaged in the cold stretch a few weeks ago and he is hoping for a successful strawberry yield.

“I don’t know for sure. It looked to me like it [the strawberry crop] was bigger, more fruit on the plants,” he said. “We’re eager,  because it damaged the peach crop, to make up the difference a bit.”

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